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We offer a full range of services ranging from graphic and website design to video production. Free consultation is available, and we'd be glad to help you answer any questions you may have about the field. Take a look at the portfolio , or send us an email .


Featured Portfolio

Sequoia's Invitation Card

Sequoia Church InvitationA wilder invitation card for Sequoia Church, with a hip image. We wanted to show that Sequoia is a modern church and active in Ottawa, but firmly rooted in their beliefs. The card turned out quite well, with the faint colours along with a black and white image of the tree.      Read more...

Naked Gear Website

Naked Gear website design Creating a website for Naked Gear was a bit of a challenge. While the clients were very easy to work with, the timeframe of the project was intense. Having less than a week to start and complete the project required long hours, blessed inspiration, and accomodating clients. And when the deadline rolled by, the…     Read more...

Sequoia Community Church Train Ticket

Train Ticket designI designed this train ticket to use in a sermon illustration at Sequoia. The whole sermon had a train theme, and the idea was that the attendees would have to 'fill in' their destination on the ticket as a reminder. I based the design on the VIA Rail tickets here in Canada to lend authenticity.     Read more...

Sequoia Community Church 40 Days Postcard

Postcard designed for Sequoia ChurchA postcard designed for Sequoia Community Church to be used in their 'New 40 Days of Purpose' series. The wallpaper look and lightbulb were chosen to signify an abundant light shining through your everyday life.     Read more...

StriveMind Business Card

StriveMind's business cardOur new business card. Designed to be slick and eye-catching to draw attention to the card and instill curiosity. The card makes excellent use of the logo and colour scheme, and gives a feeling of professionalism.     Read more...


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